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Press Release GIK-Interfloat, November 2013 - 14-11-2013

Glasimport Kwintsheul BV and Interfloat Corporation sign agreement for the production and innovation of Vetrasol® Diffuse Greenhouse Glass.

In order to meet the increasing demand for diffuse glass with high light transmission as well as guaranteed quality and durability, Glasimport Kwintsheul BV, the supplier of glass for greenhouses, has signed an agreement with Interfloat Corporation for the exclusive production of its Vetrasol® Diffuse Greenhouse Glass range. The agreement will take quality and further innovation to the next level for this product.

Understanding of the way light enters greenhouses has improved dramatically over the last ten years. Research and long-term practical tests carried out by Wageningen UR and various other international research institutions has now shown that, for many crops, a substantial increase to production and/or quality can be achieved through use of diffuse glass with high light transmission. Glasimport Kwintsheul has been closely involved in the development of a kind of glass that optimally applies these insights from the very start. This has resulted in a separate diffuse glass product range named Vetrasol® - a range that includes both untreated and anti reflection-coated versions.

Two specialists will now be joining forces through the signing of this agreement.

Glasimport Kwintsheul has been active as a national and international supplier of greenhouse glass for around 50 years. In this time, the company has always been closely involved in innovation in the market, including the development of end cap packaging, the market launch of Hortiplus® low-E glass, the toughened frameless ventilation window and Optilite® low-iron drawn glass.
Glasimport Kwintsheul has also been active in the development and application of diffuse glass since 2000, resulting in the current Vetrasol ® Diffuse Greenhouse Glass product range.

Interfloat Corporation has been supplying the European solar industry since 1982 and, since 2008, has had a state-of-the-art factory for the production of solar glass in Tschernitz/Niederlausitz, Germany, close to the border with Poland.
As well as production of low-iron glass, with a capacity of 300 tonnes per day, the factory has 3 toughening lines and 2 production lines to treat the glass with an AR coating using technology developed by DSM. This coating differs from other commercially-available AR treatments in terms of stability and durability.

Vetrasol® Diffuse Greenhouse Glass already has a wide coverage of applications, with variants focused on maximum PAR transmission and variants with maximum light diffusion. This collaboration will give further impetus to optimisation of the product for all cultivation applications and geographical locations, with the highest possible quality and durability guaranteed.

For further information, please contact:

Lucien Knetemann
Glasimport Kwintsheul BV