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About Glasimport

Welcome to the Glasimport website!

Since 1965 Glasimport has been an integral part of the Dutch glass market. Starting out as an importer of Eastern European horticultural glass, in the 1990s Glasimport developed into a regional glazing firm and supplier of replacement glass for greenhouse horticulture. Glasimport has now become a large-scale, global glass supplier and for all kinds of applications.

Since 1 January 2014 we have grouped our various businesses into 2 different operating companies:

Glasimport Greenhouses b.v.
The supplier for horticultural glass internationally. Glasimport Greenhouses constantly monitors innovations and, as sole supplier, can deliver “custom-made” low-iron diffuse glass with different haze factors and light transmission levels. Our domestic and foreign customers build greenhouses all over the world.

Glasimport Trading b.v.
The all-round supplier of building glass for the European glazing industry. On a small scale for the local glass processor who we can always supply directly from our warehouse in Kwintsheul and on a large scale with full container loads which we ship globally.